Monday, July 27, 2009

Megan Fox Embarrassed!

“Leila” of “Jonah Hex” taken too seriously! Megan Fox, who once stated that actors are like prostitutes who are paid to make out on camera, is literally being conceived as one.

Megan was taken aback when during a Q & A session at “Jonah Hex” promotional conference, a fan put her in a real embarrassing situation.

The man proposed a question specially for Megan, he said, “I have a Sony HVR (video camera). It’s not a true HD, but it gives a pretty good image”.

Confused that how does this question concerns Megan Fox?

Well it did, for that man at least. He went on, “Anyway, my question is: I just graduated film school and I’m trying to help my career. I was wondering if you’d be interested in some kind of, like, celebrity sex tape?”

Shocking, isn’t it? He was obviously taken care by the guards later, but just imagine how creepy some people can be.

I would say, it was a very lame joke, he should have known that Megan is playing a very classy character in “Jonah Hex”, depicting a prostitute though.

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