Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sandra going all naked, accomplishing her longtime desire

Sandra Bullock in 40s becoming a real hottie. The “Proposal” star doesn’t want to regret that despite being in Hollywood for years, she hardly bared herself. So, here’s Sandra today, at 44, shedding all for her upcoming flicks.

After giving a slew of successful romantic comedies, the actress now heading to make some serious romance. Now, the passionate star pledges, “Box office like this - I’m going to be naked in every single film!” Oh my my!

Even “The Proposal” has been creating much waves at the box office as Sandra like some rich old wine spellbinding every one by appearing in buff. Well, though late, finally Sandra has realized what really sells in Hollywood. Well, as long as you keep looking 30 it’ll be pleasure to watch you.

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  1. Sandy's got another movie coming up called All about steve