Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is Britney fat again?

You bet, even I was thinking the same. Britney’s really looking bulkier than before. So has the princess Brit-Brit finally woken up to it after gaining 14 lbs in just one month?

A source says, “She was in tears saying they’re calling her fat again. She showed up to a meeting with a latte in her hand and everyone jumped on her. Britney’s supposed to be eating a diet of fish, chicken and vegetables. When she swaps the healthy stuff for junk, her dad gets worried.”

Well, she’s a junk herself, so no use advising and just look at her tantrums when her trainers tell her to control her diet she tells them, “Mind your own business.”

So, those are only crocodile tears after all people are still tolerating her “Circus” and it’s running successfully, earning her lots of millions. Why is she gonna f*** about it then.

Keep enjoying girl, it’s not gonna last long but let me tell you’re looking ewwee!

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