Friday, July 31, 2009

Angelina Vs Megan Just For Tattoos

Lol! Megan Fox hates being compared to Angelina Jolie, you know why? Well, she feels that just because Angelina has some tattoos, she can’t be her.

Heights! “I think it’s cause she has tattoos really, I think a lack of creativity on the media’s part,” Megan explains.

Really, how deluded some people can be. But I agree to her on one point that media is really uncreative that they compare Angelina Jolie with someone like Megan Fox.

However, the “Transformers” hottie adds, “I am a brunette with tattoos, I curse and I have made mention of sex before. I joked about it which people find outrageous so they want to constantly compare that to her.”

Seriously, Angie deserves much better!

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