Saturday, July 11, 2009

Britney's diva tantrums not gonna work with media

Oh my my! Just look at the royal demands of Brits, the Princess. Britney Spears might be an expensive deal and in great demand, but media never tolerates the tantrums of such snobbish divas. Miss Brit-Brit, nobody’s ever gonna bother about you, if it’s not the media who presents your larger-than-life public image to have people dying for your single look.

The “Toxic” singer must have got insanely high when she put her outrageous demands in front of media outlets in exchange of the coverage of her upcoming concert in Sweden. No resale of the pics, expiration of shots after 30 days, and the most ridiculous one, no bad looking shots at all. The deal in all “prohibits papers from publishing pictures of Spears which arrangers deem unflattering and states that the US pop star be given ownership rights to the pictures her management finds favorable.”

Result: Country’s four major publications have boycotted Britney and will not cover the concert at all. Most of the media will even refrain from making their presence even at her show tomorrow in Stockholm.

Though, it’s not gonna make much difference to her at this point of her career , but I think Britney really needs to recall her downfall days!

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