Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sienna Miller on being a beauty icon

Sienna Miller, the beauty icon, doesn’t give much importance to the tag. She admits that it’s sometimes annoying to stay perfect all every time, so she, in a way, favors simplicity over glamour.

“I don’t feel like a beauty icon. I don’t give it too much thought. It’s not something I obsess about. I get pretty insecure and have the same insecurities as everyone else - sometimes more because there is more focus put on me. I’m quite self-conscious sometimes but if you’re going to a red carpet event or doing a junket you have to have the best hair and make-up team and if you’re in a film they’re lighting you so it’s not the reality.”

Alluring glamour of celebrities often drives their fans to torture themselves in quest to ape perfect body and face like them. Hope Miller’s feelings on being a beauty icon can encourage people to love themselves the way they are.

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