Monday, July 20, 2009

Britney on the hitlist of murderers

Why do people want to kill Britney Spears? For money or fame? There could be far better ways to attain that, why can’t these psychos put their bl***y minds to some better use.

The pop queen has been receiving several death-threats via emails from Russia, where she’s set to perform in the coming weeks. The aghast popstar has decided not to take her kids along to the concert amid all these fears.

It’s really sad that a certain bunch of freaks has got such gruesome thoughts, that they can go after someone’s life without any reason. After Michael Jackson’s death being seen as a murder, entertainment industry is not at all ready for another icon assassination.

Well, worry not Brits, wishes of all your fans are there with you, may that show be a big hit and you return home safely.

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