Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Paris Hilton dumped Cristiano Ronaldo

Millions of girls skip a heartbeat on a single glimpse of Cristiano Ronaldo but when it comes to Paris Hilton things are different. Hilton said she dumped this heartthrob footballer because she doesn’t want to be another Posh and Beck.

According to Hilton,

Some girls just become known for being a footballer’s girl. I wouldn’t ever want to be pigeon-holed like that.

Hilton wants us to believe this crap that she feared to be sidelined by the limelight of the soccer star. I know Hilton is too clever, but we are not dumb to believe this heap of trash. Dear Hilton we are already aware of the buzz related to your comeback in Doug Reinhardt’s life. So stop hiding the actual reason for dumping the soccer stud and start accepting that you are again with Doug.
We are eagerly waiting for you to restart your spicy romance with Doug. And betting that this time you will not last more than 3 months with him, at least that can be said safely seeing your record.

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