Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheryl Cole prefers being ideal wife

The Newcastle beauty, Cheryl Cole, in place of the veteran Paula Abdul? Sounds good, but she’s too ideal to be an American Idol judge. Yes, The “Girl Aloud” is an ideal wife, so she would turn down the £4m job to stay with her husband.

Cheryl is being considered as the top contender to replace Paula Abdul on the reality show. However, sources close to her reveal that she’ll miss the opportunity because she doesn’t want to leave behind her husband, Ashley in Britain.

Wow, this is a rear rarity. But I don’t think American Idol can make her so busy that her husband would feel too left out.

Go for it girl, it will be a pleasure to watch you on the most popular music reality show. And your typical Newcastle accent has already become a talk in America.

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