Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Heidi's religion to stand the test of time

Publicity hungry, reality star, Heidi Montag has been offered a $25,000 to strip in one of the most upscale celebrity haunt of NYC, SCORES.

I’m sure now the hysterically religious Heidi after preaching against contraceptives use in the name of religion must be in a real fix to let go such a luring offer.

Already she must have taken a lot of permission from god before going in her birthday suit in front of Playboy’s cameras; but this time she may need to appease her God even more, as I don’t think it is allowed in any of the scriptures. But being a god-fearing, truthful lady Heidi may need not worry more about the offer, and whether in any way she can get more publicity or remuneration from this sacrifice of hers.

Moreover, SCORE is pretty famous for its notorious and filthy rich visitors, which include Howard Stern, NHL player Sean Avery, Russell Crow, Owen Wilson, and Madonna. Plenty of bait, I must say to launch her career on an upbeat scale.

To uplift one’s career, a little bit distraction from ethics is forgivable. Go Heidi and strip even harder this time.

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