Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lady GaGa and the Magical Sparking Fireworks Bra of Delight and Wonder

Lady GaGa performed at last night’s Toronto MuchMusic Video Awards, which I guess is some kind of big event, since as we know, Perez Hilton and took a swing over there. GaGa is probably chagrined about that whole douche-on-douche crime spectacular that occurred after her show. ”The MuchMusic Awards? I will have no problem being the focal point of media attention at some small-time show in this ‘Canada,’” GaGa had thought.
Alas, no. However, she did give an exciting fireworks-bustier pyro-bra-stravaganza at the end of her song. Click through to the video, wherein she is introduced awkwardly by the Jonas Brothers.
The magical sparkler bra exploding magic is at the end of the clip

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