Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Latika feels Nicole Kidman needs to open up

Young Latika of “Slumdog Millionaire”, Rubina Ali, thinks Nicole Kidman is shy and we have to buy her statement. When innocent children go on perceiving someone, trust me they really hit the bull’s eye. Try seeing it from the eyes of a nine-year-old, you’ll see what even the most experienced will also miss out.

Well, Rubina met the Australian actress while doing a Schwepps commercial. And this little angel, who’s soon gonna publish her memoir writes about Kidman, “I really liked her, but she was very quiet and didn’t speak much. I think she was a bit shy.”

The little slum dweller from Mumbai who must be pretty used to live in the scorching heat was also amazed to see Nicole being so over protective against sun, so she thinks the Oscar winning actress was very “strange”.

Does Nicole knows that she was being observed so closely by the little “Latika”? Well, I think she must sleepover the priceless words that came out from this kid, maybe she needs to be a little playful to really enjoy the beautiful life.

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