Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Britney Spears' advice, start dieting K-Fat!

Britney Spears is fit again and the pop star has an advise to K-Fat oops! K- Fed; that he should start dieting. Britney is now fed up of encouraging Fed to shed his extra pounds and it seems that now she is left with no other option than to insult him for what he looks. Now a days Brit has started calling him “K-Fatter-Line”, “fat housewife” and asking him “When is the baby due?”

But look at Fed, he is such a shameless creature that even after crossing the overweight territory( by gaining approximately 85 pounds) he least concerned about himself. He proudly says that he still looks hot and sexy, and women still love him.

Dear Fed, first of all women love you because you are Britney Spears’ ex and you have her money and secondly if Brit stops giving you those mega bucks for your burgers and frappe, no one will offer you a job of stage performer with these gigantic bumps. So, you better take Brit’s advise and stop eating like pigs.

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