Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brooke Shields credits Jackson's asexuality for their close friendship

Today, when the Memorial of the King Of Pop is just a few hour away, let us just remember him for his good.

As fame comes with a price, Jackson paid it off with disgusting accusations of sexually molesting children. Ask his friends or those who really knew him, was he that unsatisfied that he had to f*** up the kids.

In his peak days Jackson had Hollywood’s most desirable women around him, who were always ready to throw themselves at him. But sexuality never really carried him away so easily, as can be inferred from the quotes of Brooke Shields, one of Jackson’s closest friends.

The “Pretty Baby” Brooke Shields met Jackson when she was 13 and they “became friends instantly”. The 44-year-old actress tells, he never wished to take any sexual advantage out of her, “Nothing was jaded about him”.

The more they came closer, “the more asexual” he became to her. How could such a clean hearted man commit the most disgusting sin as of child molesting, it’s still hard to believe for the world.

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