Thursday, July 23, 2009

Raven Review, a 'heifer'?

“She’s so Raven” but she’s so curvy too. The Disney starlet, Raven Symone has been receiving quite a few criticisms for her unflattering weight gain. Even her pal and co-host, Debbie Allen, call her a “heifer”. How gross is that, this is no way to show affection for a buddy.

However, because “she’s so Raven”, such remarks hardly bothers her. The playful actress embraces her weight and never really gets into blind fad diets.

“I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful. You just have to learn how to transform the pressures into something that doesn’t soak into you on a personal level. You see it, you breathe past it, you don’t let it sink into your self-esteem.”

We love you the way are girl!

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