Saturday, July 11, 2009

E'Dena Hines to replace her granny Shivani | 1 hr. ago No-no, we are not talking about any film where E’Dena Hines,27, is replacing her grandmother.

Oh no! Not Again! Jennifer Aniston must be really butting her head as her love history is repeating itself. Angelina Jolie has given way to Renee Zellweger, who’s eying Jen’s latest “hangover” Bradley Cooper. Renee has already struck a special connection with Cooper while filming their upcoming thriller, “Case 39″.

It seems like Jen’s peers are constantly on their edges to get on her a** as soon as she picks a guy. Well, the news is “Renee is totally into Bradley,” and “really throwing herself at him” behind the scenes.

“The Hangover” star too seems to be driven towards her, as the two were spotted enjoying a quality time together in an Italian restaurant. Has Cooper lost it, Renee can never replace Jen.

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